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Software support services.


We specialise in software support and troubleshooting. No problem is too small or too big.


Can't print? Can't export that file? Can't find that file? We can help, Support Xpress can train you and your staff to utilise your software to its maximum potential. With a no nonsense plain English response, we ensure that you understand how we solve your problem allowing you to better understand your system and how it works.

Software Repair.


PC won't boot?


Can't get to your files?


With over 20 years experience in support and maintenance we can help recover your files and get your PC, Server or network back up and running.




Most businesses in one way or another rely on the use of computers or computerised systems in order to carry out their daily operations. How would your business cope in the event of a system failure? Backing up your data is important. Support Xpress can offer advice and setup of backup solutions for your business. We can also assist in data recovery in the event of a system failure.



With the ever increasing popularity of internet and online cloud computing comes the added risk of virus, adware and popup infection. Support Xpress can offer solutions to protect your pc from Virus Attack, Adware, and Browser Popups. We also offer cleaning services to clear your pc of any virus, adware or popup attacks.

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